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About Braxton Waterleigh

2021 built trophy property at a 5.5% CAP rate with $115k average resident income and fixed rate interest loan.

What is the business plan?

What are the targeted returns and projections?

What is the investment return structure?


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354 Units

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5 Years

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Business Plan


Mark-to-Market Premium:

The current owner focused on occupancy, keeping initial lease rents low. As properties stabilize and market rents rise, Ashcroft can capture the mark-to-market premium as leases renew.


Unit Interior Enhancements:

Ashcroft plans to upgrade units for a higher-end finish.



Exterior and Common Area Improvements:

Ashcroft will improve amenities based on resident usability and demand.



Operational Improvements and Repositioning:

As a fully vertically integrated firm, Ashcroft will leverage its in-house property management group, Birchstone Residential, to enhance marketing, resident retention, and best-in-class service for the residents.



Tech Packages:

Ashcroft plans to add $25/month tech packages to all units to boost residential experience and NOI.


Organic Rent Growth:

Ashcroft projects annual rent growth of 3%.



Reduction of Concessions: 

Current T3 concessions are 2.2%. Ashcroft expects them to decrease to 1.5% in YR 1, 0.5% in YR 2, and 0.25% thereafter as new supply is absorbed.


Targeted Fund Returns*

Cash-on-Cash Returns
(Avg including sale)

12% to 21%

Cash on Cash Returns
(Avg excluding sale)

5.0% to 7.0%

Levered IRR (Net)

11% to 17%

Equity Multiple (Net)

1.64x to 2.0x

*Based on 5 year hold for Class B Limited Partner Investment. Target returns represent ranges for base case, downside, and upside scenarios.

Note: Projected returns are based on LP levels of Fund.

Return Structure

Investors have the opportunity to invest in Class A and/or Class B Limited Partnership Interests.

Two-Tiered Return Structure

Investors have the opportunity to invest in Class A and/or Class B Limited Partnership Interests, with a minimum investment amount of $25,000.

Limited Partner (A) - Class A

Class A Limited Partner’s earn a coupon of 9% per annum of such Limited Partner’s investment in the Partnership (the “Class A Coupon”).

Class A Limited Partners have limited distributions upon disposition of the Property. This tier offers stronger projected cash flow and reduced risk as compared to Class B Limited Partners.

Limited Partner (B) - Class B

Class B Limited Partners earn a coupon of 7% per annum of such Limited Partner’s investment in the Partnership (the “Class B Coupon”). Upon the disposition of the Property, after payment of debt, return of Class A and Class B Limited Partner investments, payment of any unpaid Class A and Class B Coupon amounts, and then, pro rata, seventy percent (70% ) to the Class B Limited Partners and thirty percent (30% ) to the General Partner until such time as the Class B Limited Partners have received a cumulative amount equal to thirteen percent (13%) IRR 8. Then, Class B Limited Partners will receive 50% of the remaining proceeds from disposition. This tier has a lower coupon but provides greater participation upon disposition or capital event compared Class A Limited Partners

If you invest more with us, you get more potential upside on your returns. See the structure in the chart below:

The Ashcroft Investment Incentive-2


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