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What is the AVAF2?

In an effort to continue our focus on capital preservation and further mitigate risk while still having upside potential, we launched the Ashcroft Value-Add Fund II.

How do you get started? How does it operate? We have prepared the AVAF2 FAQ Guide to help address commonly asked questions.


7 Properties


5-7 Years




Investment Criteria

thumbnail_image002 Communities located in the growth markets of the Sun Belt including Dallas-Fort Worth, Atlanta, and Orlando. 
thumbnail_image002 Class A/B properties with an excellent opportunity for value creation through improvements


thumbnail_image002 Under performing or distressed multifamily properties
thumbnail_image002 200+ Unit assets in highly desirable submarkets
thumbnail_image002 $20 million to $150 million total capitalization per property


Targeted Fund Returns*

Cash-on-Cash Returns
(Avg including sale)

13% to 20%

Cash on Cash Returns
(Avg excluding sale)

6.8% to 8.5%

Levered IRR (Net)

13% to 18%

Equity Multiple (Net)

1.5x to 2.0x

Annual Cash-on-Cash Projections**

Year 1:


Year 2:


Year 3:


Year 4:


Year 5:



*Based on 5 year hold for Class B Limited Partner Investment. Target returns represent ranges for base case, downside, and upside scenarios.

**Projected cash-on-cash returns are based on base case assumptions for the properties within the Fund

Note: Projected returns are based on LP levels of Fund.

Return Structure

Investors have the opportunity to invest in Class A and/or Class B Limited Partnership Interests.

Limited Partner (A) - Class A

Class A Limited Partner’s earn a coupon of 9% per annum of such Limited Partner’s investment in Partnership (the “Class A Coupon”). Class A Limited Partners have limited distributions upon disposition of the Property. This tier offers stronger projected cash flow and reduced risk as compared to Class B Limited Partners.

Limited Partner (B) - Class B

Class B Limited Partners earn a coupon of 7% per annum of such Limited Partner’s investment in Partnership (the “Class B Coupon”). Upon the disposition of the Property, after payment of debt, return of Class A and Class B Limited Partner investments, payment of any unpaid Class A and Class B Coupon Amounts, and then, prorata, seventy percent (70%) to the Class B Limited Partners and thirty percent (30%) to the General Partner until such time as the Class B Limited Partners have received a cumulative amount equal to thirteen percent (13%) IRR. Then, Class B Limited Partners will receive 50% of the remaining proceeds from disposition. This tier has a lower coupon but provides greater participation upon disposition or capital event compared to Class A Limited Partners.


Understanding the
Benefits of Investing in a Fund

  • Spreads out investor equity over multiple acquisitions
  • Greater exposure to investments in various markets and asset classes
  • Ability to invest in different individual property business plans and hold periods
  • Provides the opportunity to participate in upside on property price appreciation upon sale, refinances, and supplemental loans
  • Diversification offers the ability to reduce risks while offering the potential for higher returns
  • Potential tax benefits for investors such as pass-through depreciation opportunities and 1031 exchanges


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Disclaimer: This investment will be filled on a first-come, first--fund basis and is open to accredited investors only. All investment information will be made available in the investor portal.